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Re: Setting the language of a man page

>>>>> "SY" == Shimpei Yamashita <> writes:

    SY> [...] After
    SY> all, the whole point of using a distribution instead of
    SY> subscribing to the Chris Sekiya School of Hard Knocks
    SY> ("compile everything from scratch, RPM is for wimps") is to
    SY> have other people fix settings problems for you.

I have a feeling your are mixing two completely different issues

You buy a distribution and expect it to work, no doubt. You install
binaries, and things should work -- you expect a working system for
the money you paid. When, however, you start playing with it and the
output of rpm or whatever (being posted to this list occasionally)
looks like microsoft, you may have to choose...


P.S. In the near future, when linux looks like windows (no more choice
     but things are not that bad as they could be) and before a new
     free OS emerges, I may change my mind :)

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