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Re: DSelect/base-passwd

>>>>> "Viktor" == Viktor Pavlenko <> writes:

    Viktor> If postgreSQL itself doesn't enforce a particular uid for
    Viktor> postgres user, why a pkg management program should do
    Viktor> that?..

I don't know.  I disagree with a lot of Debian policies; this is one
of them.

A lot of Debian policies are apparently written down on paper and
never tried until they're imposed on the users.  There is alway a way
around them, though ;-)

    Viktor> And is it worth learning how to use this program if you
    Viktor> have to know and remember much more than you would have to
    Viktor> if you just compiled the sources yourself?

Of course it is.  True, any given package you can probably replace
with a compiled-from-source version with little trouble.  But starting
from scratch and building up a system that way is a lot harder than
selecting from a package manager.

There are other reasons for building from source as much as you can.
But because it's easier than leaving everything up to the PMS is not
one of them.

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