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Re: Japanese fonts & input

Hi all,

All the problems with the Japanese Input
seem to have been resolved when I upgraded
to Mandrake7.2.

The kinput2 toggle switch (shift+space) is
working OK. The multibyte compatible vi
editor is pre-installed too.

Thanks for all the help and suggestions
BOti, Mike Fabian and Hiroo Yamagata.


Venkatesh Raghavan
Osaka City University

B0Ti wrote:

> Actually yesterday I found out what was causing the trouble. Eventhough I downgraded to
> wnn4 of mdk7.0 at one point the kinput2 wouldn't return me to normal input mode again, and
> the reason for this was that I had NumLock on.
> I assigned the shift-kanji key to the kinput2 conversion key instead of shift-space via
> .Xdefaults.
> [ boti]$ cat .Xdefaults
> *inputMethod: kinput2
> *xlcConversionStartKey: Shift<Key>Kanji
> *conversionStartKeys:  Shift<Key>Kanji
> Kinput2*useOverrideShellForMode: true
> What I don't get is why doesn't kinput2 return me to normal input mode when I have NumLock
> on??? Weird.
> >  Any ideas how to get kinput2 to start
> > automatically.
> Put a kinput2 startup script into /etc/X11/xinit.d/
> (From MDK 7.1.  7.0 doesn't have this)
> [ boti]$ cat /etc/X11/xinit.d/kinput2
> /usr/X11R6/bin/kinput2
> >> Put this line in your .xinitrc and/or .xsession.
> >Putting the command in .xinitrc causes my Xserver to crash.
> Is it a real crash or just an exit?
> I guess the reason is that you didn't have an .xinitrc before. If you put "kinput2 -wnn
> -jerver localhost &" and nothing else into it would make X exit immediately (cause of &),
> because there is no window manager started up, etc.
> If you wish to use .xinitrc, then put the appropriate commands for starting your window
> manager into it as well.
> But the xinit.d script should be a cleaner way to do it, unless you don't want a kinput2
> for your other users.
> Hope this helps,
> B0Ti.
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