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Re: LWN on the TL IPO

Christopher Sekiya ( wrote:

Christopher> Fascinating things in here regarding Cliff & Iris' departure:

And I love these two statements from the article:

"Turbolinux (which seems to have downcased the "L" recently) does not see
Linux as a loss-leader for proprietary products."

"The company plans to make money by selling the Linux operating
system and related products ... Much of the clustering and EnFuzion
code is proprietary, sitting on top of the open source Linux base."

So, if Linux isn't a loss-leader for proprietary products, why is the 
clustering code and EnFuzion proprietary instead of GPL?  Somebody
at TL is talking out their butt, and the article writer (hard to
call somebody with such feeble critical thinking skills a reporter)
seems to be thinking with and/or kissing same.


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