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Re: tlug: Sun friendly junk shops in Akihabara?

Shimpei Yamashita ( wrote:

> I'm finally getting around to the SparcStation 1+ that I bought at the
> last meeting--a fiasco at work turned a three-day weekend into a
> no-day weekend--but I need a Sun->VGA adaptor and an AUI->10baseT
> transceiver before going any further.  (I do have an AAUI->10baseT

AUI transceivers can be bought at any large computer store like
T-Zone.  You can get Sun->VGA adapters at the place next to
Akitsuki (sorry, forgot the name).  It's an electronics parts shop that
also sells computer cables, tools, stuff like that.  Facing the building,
the Sun->VGA adapters are in the aisle on the left.  They have them
for both directions, so be sure you get the one that plugs into a 
Sun video card and turns it into VGA output.  About 2500 yen, I think.

Another place that has a lot of old Sun kit is Virtual Network Computer

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