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tlug: Sun friendly junk shops in Akihabara?

I'm finally getting around to the SparcStation 1+ that I bought at the
last meeting--a fiasco at work turned a three-day weekend into a
no-day weekend--but I need a Sun->VGA adaptor and an AUI->10baseT
transceiver before going any further.  (I do have an AAUI->10baseT
transceiver somewhere. I don't think that will be very useful,
though.) Can someone recommend parts shops in Akihabara that might
have them in stock?

On a completely unrelated topic, is it possible to have a Windows
machine write to a PCMCIA memory card and have a Linux machine read
it, or vice versa? I need to get one for the Windows laptop at work,
and I'd like to get one that works with my home Linux laptop if it
is at all possible.

Shimpei Yamashita                    <>
Next Nomikai Meeting: April 20 (Thu) Linux Conference 2000 Spring Ed.
Next Technical Meeting: May 13 (Sat) 13:30 Temple University Japan
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