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Re: tlug: Sun friendly junk shops in Akihabara?

On Sun, Mar 26, 2000 at 10:57:50AM +0900, Shimpei Yamashita wrote:
> I'm finally getting around to the SparcStation 1+ that I bought at the
> last meeting--a fiasco at work turned a three-day weekend into a
> no-day weekend--but I need a Sun->VGA adaptor and an AUI->10baseT
> transceiver before going any further.  (I do have an AAUI->10baseT
> transceiver somewhere. I don't think that will be very useful,
> though.) Can someone recommend parts shops in Akihabara that might
> have them in stock?

Amulet sometimes has such things... but rarely at bargain prices. Plat'home
always seems to have them... but only new, and never at bargain prices.  :-/

Jim Tittsler, Tokyo   ICQ: 5981586

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