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Re: tlug: OT: My Zaurus broke

>Marcus Metzler wrote:
>>recognition. Does anybody know if one can order these from a Japanese
>>online store? Maybe someone even knows a German online store. It
>>doesn't have to be a zaurus, I just want the dictionary function.
>I listen very nice comments about the Japanese-English dictionary for the 
>IBM palm top (if I'm not wrong the name is WorkPad IBM). This one, for sure, 
>you can find on Germany and the dictionary is available on the Internet.

I agree with Marcos on the IBM WorkPad C3 (aka Palm V). Too bad I lost mine in a public phone booth in Shin-Okubo a couple of weeks ago... DARGH!!

I am looking to offload a Canon dictionary "thingy" which takes language memory cards so you can load in whatever languages you want. Contact me if you are interested. I have no use for the thing anymore.


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