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tlug: Thread Programming. I apologize in advance if this is off-topic !!!


I apologize in advance if this is off-topic. Any help is highly
appreciated and thank you very much for your time.

I am trying to develop a server application. I want to develop it using
multithreads (preferred) or multiprocesses. I am new to the concept of

But I think if one of the threads has some problem due to any reason all
the other innocent threads running in parallel will also get killed.
Also I think it is not possible to stop and restart a particular thread
among many threads running under a single process.

My questions are :

1. Is my thinking correct ???
2. If not how is it possible to stop one malfunctioning thread from
affecting other innocent threads and make sure that only the
malfunctioning thread gets killed and coredumped ?
3. How is it possible to stop and restart a particular thread in a
process ?

Any help or pointers to the right resources is highly appreciated. If
possible can someone let me know some mailing-lists that deal with the
topics on multithread programming and design using C/C++. Unfortunately
I am not able to access newsgroups as I donot have access to any news

Thank You.


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