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Re: tlug: redhat stock..?

On Thu, 2 Mar 2000, Manuel M. T. Chakravarty wrote:

> "Scott M. Stone" <> wrote,
> > anyone following Redhat's stock (NASDAQ: RHAT) ?  It's down about *100
> > points* since the first of the year... VA isn't doing too hot either.  I
> > hope this isn't a trend...
> M$ stock isn't any better.  Both Redhat and M$ went up
> before the end of the year and are now getting to the same
> level that they had last autumn.  Maybe the US stock market
> is getting a bit realistic after all.[1]

yeah, but look at Sun (SUNW) and Cisco (CSCO)... up up up... :)

Scott M. Stone, CCNA <>
UNIX Systems and Network Engineer
Taos - The SysAdmin Company 

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