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Re: tlug: redhat stock..?

You(Scott M. Stone) wrote:
> anyone following Redhat's stock (NASDAQ: RHAT) ?  It's down about *100
> points* since the first of the year... VA isn't doing too hot either.  I
> hope this isn't a trend...

I'm not following Red Hat's stock, and I'm not really a stocks person,
but I just looked at their investor pages, and they say they lost $3.6
million with a *revenue* of $5.4 million in the last reported
quarter. What the hell was this tiny company doing with a $22 billion
(137x10^6 outstanding stock at 160 each) market capitalization? Or $8
billion, for that matter, which is where they stand today?

Bubble bubble toil and trouble....

Shimpei Yamashita                  <>
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