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Re: tlug: alternative browser?


All of you guys forgot my current pick w3m.  In it's nature it's like lynx since it's a text based web browser, but IMO it's much much better.

It works fine with Japanese (Don't know about other languages) since it's written by a Japanese guy, and can quoting the page do the following stuff that lynx can't.

w3m can render table. 
w3m can render frame. (it converts the frames into a table) 
w3m can display documents given from standard input easily. 
w3m is small. Binary size of w3m on Sparc workstation is under 300KByte. (version beta-990512,gcc -O2). 

If you specifiy the options durring compile it also handles SSL and cookies (although it needs OpenSSL).

You can get it at

It also has options to spawn a optional outside viewer (like netscape).


Austin K. Kurahone
Tokyo Linux Users Group / Green Frog Linux Maintainer
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