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tlug: "boot partition too big" while installing RH6.1j

Hector Akamine writes:
 > I recently got a computer (Dell XPS800) with a 20GB hard disk. It came with
 > only one windows 98 partition, so I run fips to divide it in two. I deleted
 > the second partition and left the first one for windows (10.5 GB fat32). I'm
 > trying to install RH 6.1J (from CD) in the empty space
 > The problem I have is that I always get the "Boot partition too big" message
 > no matter what size (even 1MB !) I write when I try to create a /boot
 > partition. Even worse, if I don't try to create a boot partition and just
 > try to create a root partition (/) I get the same error message. Does
 > anybody know how to overcome this problem?
 > Thanks in advance
 > Hector
Due to BIOS limitations the boot partition has to be within the first
1024 tracks. Since you have 10.5GB for windoze, your linux partition
is far beyond that limit. You have to make a small partition within
the first 1024 tracks from which you can boot. The rest of your linux
stuff can be somewhere else.


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