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Re: tlug: "boot partition too big" while installing RH6.1j

On Wed, 1 Mar 2000, Marcus Metzler wrote:

> Due to BIOS limitations the boot partition has to be within the first
> 1024 tracks. Since you have 10.5GB for windoze, your linux partition
> is far beyond that limit. You have to make a small partition within
> the first 1024 tracks from which you can boot. The rest of your linux
> stuff can be somewhere else.

...although it depends on the BIOS. Here at work I have several machines
the BIOSes of which can easily boot from somewhere else than the first
1024 tracks of the first disk. This machine, for instance, boots from the
second IDE disk far beyond the 1024 limit.

It might be a good idea to try setting up the partitions manually with
fdisk (Linux fdisk, of course...) and then, after installation, running
LILO by hand. Or is there still a problem? (By the way, if you plan to use
LILO as the primary boot manager of the machine, it MUST be installed on
the first disk's MBR, regardless of where the Linux kernel resides.)

Lilo documentation is a good read.

And, by the way, about setting up partitions: I personally am not in favor
of using extended & logical partitions unless more than four partitions
per disk is really needed. Primary partitions are (IMO) much less of a
fuss to set up, delete etc. than the logical thingies. Unfortunately, the
"user-friendly" partition setup programs tend to make one primary
partition per disk and the hdX2 as an extended. So I fall back to using

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