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[Lingo] Terminology help

Hi TLUG language mavens,

I need to get some advice on usage from those who are closer to the
source than I have been for quite a while.

I am doing an E > J translation and need to check on some
"technical terms".

* Web site. Last I was aware, ホームページ was the usual vernacular for a web
  site, but I know that ウェブサイト is now also out there. I guess my sense
  of the first one being standard derives from an era when even in
  English there were a lot of people using "home page" for this meaning.
  How about フロントページ for what used to be "home page"? Has usage of these
  terms settled into a firm pattern by now?

* For visitors/users of a web site, how does 閲覧客 strike you? I ran
  across the term 閲覧, and sorta "guessed" the existence of the former
  from that. When I googled it, it seems it does exist in the wild.
  Seems very precise, but if "no one" really uses it and it strikes
  people as weird, then what instead...

* If I want to refer to the "office" where I work, meaning sorta both
  the physical place and also the people and functions we perform, is
  オフィス normal for that, or....事務室? Latter feels archaic to me.

* The opposite of モバイル = ..... デスクトップ?

* For clicking on a link, just クリック(する), right? I've also used リンクを辿る,
  just to add some variety.

* "Navigate", as in, to find your way around a web site to find what you
  want. ナビ? Or is this word specific to geographical way-finding?

* Our office has a "mission". ミッション?使命?任務? There's gotta be a "normal"
  way to say this, but for the life of me none of these sounds right.
  Maybe I'm looking up the wrong word.

I guess that's enough for one posting.... but I will certainly be
following this up with further items!

Thanks in advance.


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