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Re: [Lingo] [EN] Info request freelancing in Tokyo


I am freelancing fulltime. You don't have to go anywhere to start freelancing. You will have to go to a lot of places if you are starting a company but your case does no apply. The rate depends on what you can do and how fast you can do. It also depends on the industry you will be involved. The most important and difficult part is finding clients. Good luck.


2015-04-06 13:53 GMT+09:00 Kenny Debrauwer <>:
Hi everyone,

I'm new to the list, I arrived in Tokyo at the end of February, started working in March and attended the previous TLUG. I hope it's ok to post my question here.

I have some questions regarding freelancing in Tokyo as a programmer. I was wondering if anyone with freelance experience could tell me what steps I need to take (or should take) so that I'm in order regarding legal and financial obligations. I have a full time job, so the freelance work would be in my own spare time.

From my own research I would conclude I just need to go to the local tax office and fill in a form stating I am starting my own business. And on the tax form I just need to add the income I earn from freelance work to my regular employee income. Am I correct in that assumption ?

Since I've never done any freelance, I have difficulty to determine what hourly rate is custom to ask. What are the most common (starting) rates in Tokyo ?

Kind regards,

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