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[Lingo] [EN] Info request freelancing in Tokyo

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the list, I arrived in Tokyo at the end of February, started working in March and attended the previous TLUG. I hope it's ok to post my question here.

I have some questions regarding freelancing in Tokyo as a programmer. I was wondering if anyone with freelance experience could tell me what steps I need to take (or should take) so that I'm in order regarding legal and financial obligations. I have a full time job, so the freelance work would be in my own spare time.

From my own research I would conclude I just need to go to the local tax office and fill in a form stating I am starting my own business. And on the tax form I just need to add the income I earn from freelance work to my regular employee income. Am I correct in that assumption ?

Since I've never done any freelance, I have difficulty to determine what hourly rate is custom to ask. What are the most common (starting) rates in Tokyo ?

Kind regards,

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