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Re: [Lingo] tabable


For me, both "タブ可能な" and "タビング可能な" sound rather strange. I think it
couldn't be translated to a standalone word. You probably need to
break it up (tab and able) and translate from the context. Is the タブ
in this context a tab key or a tab of a file folder?


2013/5/22 Stephen J. Turnbull <>:
> Nguyễn Vũ Hưng writes:
>  > Hi all,
>  >
>  > How to translate "tabable" into Japanese.
>  >
>  > The first word comes to my mind is: タブ可能な
> The first that comes to my mind is タビング可能な.
> I don't suggest that it's better.  Japanese usage is inconsistent
> about choosing the gerund here AFAIK.
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