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[Lingo] 喩 versus 喻

Hello. I'm wondering whether 2 kanji are variants of each other, or 
completely separate. The 2 in question are 喩 (U+55A9) and 喻 (U+55BB).

I'm studying kanji using Heisig's _Remembering the Kanji_ books and they 
list the latter, but other online sources only include the former.

Wiktionary has Japanese readings for both, see:喩喻

I've encountered some comments that indicate 喩 is a traditional form and 
that 喻 is simplified, but i thought the traditional/simplified 
distinction only applied to Chinese. Did Heisig simply include the wrong 
kanji when he put 喻, or are they both acceptable and equivalent variants 
of each other, or is there something else going on?
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