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[Lingo] Complex sentense

Nguyễn Vũ Hưng writes:
 > Hello all,
 > Can you help me understanding this (complicated) sentence,
 > rewrite in a simple way,
 > or better translate it into Japanese?
 > - As of today, you've spent US $22000 of your budget to complete work
 > that you originally expected would cost US $24000.

As usual, more context would be useful.

I would suggest

    You originally proposed a budget of US$24,000 for the project.  As
    of today, you have spent US$22,000.

as a simpler rephrasing of the factual content.  But it would be very
unusual to actually write or say it this way.  The translation into
Japanese would vary dramatically depending on the speaker's
relationship to "you", the speaker's degree of knowledge about the
progress of the project, and whether the speaker's expectations about
progress have been met or not.

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