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Re: [Lingo] モノクロ

On 10/22/2012 06:22 PM, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
s smith writes:

  > This a link

A missing link?
opps. Here's the yahoo page I found it on <>.
  > Also I know 変 means strange among other things, but I very rarely see
  > it used that way.

It's very frequently used in spoken Japanese, typically as 変です
(that's odd) or 変な人よね! (you're very weird!).
> So does 一変 in this case mean #1 strange/very strange??

No, it means "And now for something completely different:" as in Monty
Python or Japanese politics.  It's also used for a complete change in
circumstances, such as the recent unfortunate reversal in the Central
League Championship.

More in the sense of 変わり then...

Actually -- I'm trying for JLPT 5 in Dec. so I have plenty to learn yet. Most of my experience is in trying to read the language. Initially (long ago) I thought that 大変 was "big strange". And right now I'm having fits with 自動詞/他動詞 usage. So much to learn...

Thanks for the reply Stephen. With 一変 tied to Monty Python -- I won't forget it any time soon. I still don't understand what they're trying to say with "超ダークなモノクロ世界から一変" unless it's something like "from the black and white world to something completely different."

Steve S.

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