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Re: [Lingo] 熟語

On 06/24/2011 08:26 PM, David J Iannucci wrote:
If your goal is to have terms to use to distinguish types of vocabulary,
my advice would be to try to learn the more specific terms that are used
by language mavens: 和語, 漢語, 擬声語, 外来語, etc. And of course 動詞, 名詞,
形容詞, 後置詞, 助詞,... and 主語, 目的語, etc, etc :-)
Hi Dave. 

At this point I'm trying to grow my written vocabulary and I'm using the similarity of the various 熟語 to help me remember them as a group.  For instance with the parts of speech list above  [ 動詞, 名詞, 形容詞, 後置詞, 助詞,... ] all end with 詞 (シ, part-of-speech) and without knowing it I would guess it is pronounced ドウシ and means verb because I know  音読み and the meanings of the kanji.  Likewise for 名詞 (名=メイ,name/詞=シ=part-of-speech), etc.   It gives me a chance to recognize words I haven't 'read' before.

So for my use, 単語 as simple word (as well as vocabulary,etc...) is fine.  And I agree, many 熟語 are probably a sub-set of 単語.  And I do appreciate the help :)

Steve S.

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