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Re: [Lingo] British English

On Thu, Feb 3, 2011 at 3:50 PM, Josh Glover <> wrote:
> One of my colleagues
> repeated what it sounded like to him when I attempted "toe-mah-toe",
> and it turned out that I was saying something like "toe-MAHHH-toe",
> which made me sound like even more of a gaijin than if I'd just stuck
> with the pronunciation that was natural for me. :)

I'll always remember the time I asked (to Josh's horror) the
Shuttleworth people if lunch was free and later Josh said about me
"Tatemono ga nai".  It was quite insightful really - and only too
true.  The Tatemono/Tatemae mix-up made for a perfect combination of
humor and deep insight.

Good memories of that day....  It was a good (free) lunch at the
expensive hotel too.


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