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Re: [Lingo] 遅過ぎる

On 04.07.2010, at 18:33, s smith <> wrote:

> I stumbled on 遅過ぎる while looking for something else.  I think it's 
> pronounced 「おそすぎる」, at least that's what the IME takes to create 
> the kanji.  It doesn't show up in the on-line dictionaries I use as a 
> word but Eijiro recognizes it as meaning "too late".  I know that 「過ぎ 
> る」 can be used as a suffix meaning basically "too much."    But what 
> is going on here?  Is this 「遅い」 minus the 「い」 + 「すぎる」 or 
> what?  Is there a pattern here for い adjectives or is this just a 
> special case?  Would "too beautiful" be 美し過ぎる?  The IME seems happy 
> with that.

Short answer: yes :)


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