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Re: [Lingo] Development of Kana?

On 17.12.2009, at 11:26, Jim Breen wrote:

> 2009/12/17 Niels Kobschätzki <>:
>> Does anyone here has by any chance some idea where I can get reliable and citable information (so to speak: not the wikipedia) about the development of hiragana and katakana? I found a paper on Man'yogana but nothing really on the nowadays used scripture :(
>> An electronic resource would be best :)
> I *strongly* recommend Christopher Seeley's "History of Writing in Japan ".
> (
> Very readable and very authoritative.

Great, thanks

> No electronic version, unfortunately.

But available in three local libraries - I love Berlin regarding available literature about Japan (my university has an okish university library, a good library regarding Japanese sciences and then there's the Staatsbibliothek which has the biggest collection of books relating to East Asia in Europe) ^^

Still one has to find what he searches. Thanks again :)


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