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Re: [Lingo] List of new words in Japanese

On 平成21/11/06, at 23:11, Jim Breen wrote:

2009/11/7 Niels Kobschätzki <>:
I am searching for a list of words that are newly introduced into Japanese (in the last 5 - 10 years). I mean words like ヤメール (breaking up via e-mail), スタバル (going to starbucks) or オン寝 (falling asleep while waiting on an answer while chatting or while waiting on a reply on an e-mail). Maybe something
like but for Japanese.
Does anybody know a resource in the web for such words (best in list-form)
or has a good idea for what I could google (I tried
新たな 言葉、現代的 言葉、新言葉、新単語、新 しい 言葉).

I'd like a list like that.

Googling for "現代用語" + "リスト" might be of use. Note that there are
many books of "現代用語"; some published annually.

The "hatena" WWW site has a lot of new words explained too.

Good luck

Thanks but I am not really finding what I search but with a lively language like Japanese it seems to be a whole lot different compared to English or German Btw. the 日本語俗語辞書 could be interested for some here: http://zo

Also the monthly rankings of internet slang by goo:


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