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Re: [Lingo] 大新??

On 平舌皛逅跂勉闕㉒憶嘎丑鯵\xAC 癆 姥紺喬 齡纐\xE5 鼾蜚\xE8 獼阡綺

\xBE 皮 瘡谺
\xBE \xC9 黼\xE5 抅蜴苴 跚諷 ⊄膺珪ι福⊋仂\xEC" fairly often. The "大
新" doesn't
show up in my dictionaries as a word itself but I know what it means by it's kanji. When you encounter something like this, how do you know how to pronounce it? I'm guessing this would probably be だ纔瘢韭絎竢蹠測
\xBE 碯\xF4 蓖\xF7
\xBE 猪棭\xE4 闔\xE5 謗阯\xBF

蒼\xEB \xE1 矼揵纈 粡笏蜿釶鱸纉 蜀 癘瘟赱碎\xE5 \xA8絎膊 蜴 \xE1 跚碣癇𥔎\xAE 蒼\xEB 拍閾跂 闥 抅\xE5 捕鞜鈬黼 怏謇鞳粡甌 楠\xF2 大新 there are several entries in the Wikipedia which contain the word in their title and those titles are usually (always?) transcribed into Hiragana as well. From the enamdict: As a name it can be read as おおしん and たいしん
From the wikipedia:
There's an article with 大新薬品 which says in the first line 大新薬品株式会社(だ纔瘢韭絎竢躁ひん) And then there are several places in the wikipedia (like 大新県) where it's always read だ纔瘢韭絎竢蹠\xC2

戻齡 鱚齒鶯\xBA 蒼\xEB 抅\xE5 鈬睎 癘瘟赱碎\xE5 捕鞜鈬黼 釶拄洹 齔縺諷\xF2 皐


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