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Re: [Lingo] 上手・上手い

Jim Breen <> writes:

> 2009/3/18 steve smith <>:
>> Josh Glover wrote:
>>>For example, some 焼きそば can be
>>> 上手い (actually, it would usually be written with just the hiragana うまい,
>>> AFAIK), but the person who prepared it would be
>>> 焼きそばを作るのが上手だ纔瘢韭絎竢蹠\xC2
\xBE 上手 is a horror for the number of irregular "readings": じょうず/うま(い)
> plus the more regular うわて/かみて.
> There are quite a number of Japanese words where the pronunciation has
> nothing to do with the readings of the constituent kanji. What is a
> bit unusual about 上手 is coexistence of both regular and irregular
> versions.

I sometimes see うまい spelled 美味い。I'd assume this version
specifically refers to taste, though the Jdict includes the "skillful"
definition as well.


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