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Re: [Lingo] 上手・上手い

2009/3/18 steve smith <>:
> Josh Glover wrote:
>> Not quite. 上手い usually means "excellent", whereas 上手 is almost always
>> used to mean "skillful" or "good at". For example, some 焼きそば can be
>> 上手い (actually, it would usually be written with just the hiragana うまい,
>> AFAIK), but the person who prepared it would be
>> 焼きそばを作るのが上手だ纔瘢韭絎竢蹠汰踉纈釶拄洹踟\xAC 黶蜆 鞳鴦闔 竢棭\xE4 葹洹 焼きそばを上手く作ったなぁ。But
>> that person could not have 焼きそばを上手に作った、to the best of my knowledge.
> Good.  I love WWW-Jdict but sometimes things like that get lost.

Yes, the rather simplistic parser goes for 上手/じょうず when it hits
上手く. I have a "specials" file to override such problems, and I have
added 上手く to it.

上手 is a horror for the number of irregular "readings": じょうず/うま(い)
plus the more regular うわて/かみて.

>> What you are seeing, as far as I can tell, is the different between
>> 大和語 and 漢語。Just as English has words of Germanic origin and words of
>> Latin (or Greek) origin that mean the same thing, or almost the same
>> thing (e.g. "to say" and "to expound"), Japanese has native Japanese
>> words that mean the same thing or almost the same thing as imported
>> Chinese words. Often, these are written with the same kanji,
>> (especially in the case of verbs), e.g. 朝ごはんand 朝食 or 求める and 舌皛逅跂勉闕㉒
\xBE \xC9 抅蜴\xEB 抅蜩 蜩 鱚瘡踟 犛癆 \xC9 燾銓繖 捃 棱粤鴦懲鈔\xAE  \xC9 鱚辣轤纈 黼繪鈑
\xBE 辣銓蜿\xEE 閹 抅蜩 碯\xF4 葹粮ヹ 緕竢棱扖鱚\xE4 \xE1 齔繝蜀蜒 纔瘢韭\xE5 抅癆 \xC9 謗阯 閹
\xBE 矼肬鱚\xAE

壽纈\xE5 癇\xE5 髟蜚\xE5 \xE1 銛轤纈 閹 捕鞜鈬黼 猪鰾\xF3 犛纈\xE5 抅\xE5 頏闔棱竕癆蜿\xEE 葹\xF3
鈿抅蜴\xE7 捃 粹 犾抅 抅\xE5 鱚痲蜴苴 閹 抅\xE5 竢銖拄搐緕\xF4 諱鉅藪 帙鴒 竢迯闔 闔纉
癇\xE5 田舎/いなか, 今日/きょう, 海苔/のり, 小豆/あずき. Hit WWWJDIC with the
word "gikun" (義訓) to see a long list. What is a bit unusual about 上手 is
coexistence of both regular and irregular versions.


Jim Breen
Adjunct Senior Research Fellow
Clayton School of Information Technology,
Monash University, VIC 3800, Australia

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