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Re: [Lingo] kanji with the same onyomi

Jim B reen wrote:
2009/2/24 steve smith <>:
Some time ago I was told that in some cases groups of kanji have the same
onyomi and that the onyomi is determined by the right-most of the sub-kanji
within the kanji.  They had a name for this which I can't remember.

形声文字 (けいせいもじ)??


Mostly. In about 85% of hanzi/kanji part of the character indicates the pronunciation. See and skip down to the section on 形声文字.

Thank you David and Jim.

I don't remember if the term my teacher used was 「形声文字」but this is exactly what I was looking for.

Jim -- this page on Kanjitypes is great!  Thank you very much.

Steve S.

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