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Re: [Lingo] kanji with the same onyomi

> Some time ago I was told that in some cases groups of kanji have the
> same onyomi and that the onyomi is determined by the right-most of the
> sub-kanji within the kanji.  They had a name for this which I can't
> remember.

When the radical appears on the left (へん), the right-side part is
called つくり.  Don't know if this term is also used when the radical
appears on top, bottom, or some other place, but I suspect not.

> I think an example might be:
> 壌嬢穣譲醸
> all of which have the onyomi of ジョウ.

I don't know if your claim about this group is true, but I can certainly
believe it.  The nice thing about this "rule of thumb" is that it can
help you figure out the reading of a character you don't know; the bad
part is that it's very unreliable :-(

But the basic idea you've got here is correct.


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