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Re: [Lingo] verb-iru

Niels Kobschaetzki writes:

 > 映画にいく? do you go to the movies?
 > 映画にいく。 I will go to the movies.
 > 映画に行っている。I am going there (literally like being on the move)

This could also be "I go to the movies on a regular basis."  A bit
far-fetched for movies, I guess, but that's ho you would express that

 > Back to 知る - you can ask for it if you know it or if you are knowing
 > it (知りますか/知っていますか).
 > In English the answer would be "I know it" or "I am knowing it" while
 > the first one actually means "I am in the state of possessing the
 > knowledge about it".

Note that 知る is irregular in the sense that for practical purposes
the form 知っていません does not exist (except among gaijin ;-).  It's
the only such verb.

 > which we do not have really expressions for in English (like 懐かしい -

"nostalgic", "familiar", and a couple dozen idiomatic forms.

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