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[Lingo] Oshiete-kun

The CentOS person I've mentioned and I were discussing another term,
oshiete-kun.  This time, (I learn!) I checked and saw that Jim's
dictionary has a perfect definition of it.

(The definition itself)

(n) (sl) someone who asks others for answers without first 
researching by himself.

So, we were playing around with English equivalents.  I thought that the
best would be help vampire.

I'm curious if those with a better grasp of the nuance of Japanese slang
would agree.   

Thanks for any input, and shucks, while I'm at it, thanks Jim for having
such an incredible resource.

BTW, the Buffy quotes are radom, though the one below could be
considered apropos. 

Scott Robbins
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Ford: I wanna be like you...A vampire. 
Spike: I've known you for two minutes and I can't stand you. I 
don't really feature you living forever. Can I eat him now love?

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