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Re: [Lingo] [OT] List archive

On Friday 04 April 2008 15:54, Josh Glover wrote:
>On 04/04/2008, Daniel A. Ramaley <> wrote:
>> Is this list archived on the web somewhere?

Great! Thank you.

I wanted to refer someone to a Lingo post, but wasn't sure where to find 
the archive. Though there is effectively no difference in providing the 
information, forwarding someone's e-mails to a 3rd party without 
explicit permission from the sender somehow seems a bit rude compared 
to pointing said 3rd party to the publicly accessible archive.

Dan Ramaley                            Dial Center 118, Drake University
Network Programmer/Analyst             2407 Carpenter Ave
+1 515 271-4540                        Des Moines IA 50311 USA

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