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Re: [Lingo] もにのあわる

steven smith, Thu, Apr 03, 2008 at 02:15:38PM -0700:
> Many of the Japanese films seem this way to me.  The classics that pop to 
> mind are Kurasawa's "7 Samurai" and Ozu's "Late Spring" and "Tokyo Story"  
> Even comedies like Ramen tend to end on a sad note.  Maybe I'm just used to 
> American films where there is almost always a happy ending.

That's interesting; presuming that "a tragic sense of life" isn't synonymous
with outright tragedy but is rather, as the expression suggests, an underlying
sense (duh!) of tragedy, I would say you're on to something, as far as films
go anyhow. I feel that Japanese films in general often end in a comparatively
undramatic fashion. Maybe there's a sense of loss or sadness but at the same
time a sense of continuation, that life goes on in despite of everything. The
French-style open ending is commonplace. More recent films like Nobody Knows
and Eureka come to mind.

But this is getting off-topic. Sorry.


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