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[Lingo] Re: [tlug] Mystical tabbing events

>> nijatachi maybe??
> In Japanese it's usually just ninja whether singular or plural.

As with all other nouns in Japanese :-)  For those who might still hold
doubts about this question, be assured that -tachi and -ra (and any
similar ones I may be forgetting) are *not* expressions of plural number
in Japanese, which of course has no plural. It has various ways of
indicating multiplicity, but nothing that can be called "plural".

> We gaijin tend to say ninjas

Read: English speakers :-)

Ignoring the sensible linguistic explanations, I will submit my vote for
"ninjae" as the plural of ninja.  Demonstrating that there is no
necessary link between grammatical and biological gender :-)


p.s. Follow-ups to Lingo please...

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