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Re: [Lingo] learning the Kanji readings

Niels Kobschaetzki wrote:
> On Feb 9, 2008 7:56 PM, steven smith <> wrote:
> <snip good way to learn readings?>
> On'yomi is best learned imho via learning vocabulary which are
> including the Kanji which you want to learn the readings of (3 or 4
> words per Kanji).
Good -- thanks.
> Kun'yomi is best learned by flash-card learning I guess and take some
> combined verbs as well (like eh…入り込む).
> In addition it is very helpful to just read Japanese. I don't know how
> you learn Japanese (I mean self-taught, language school…) and at which
> level you actually are and therefore you either read textbook-texts or
> if you are more advanced you start reading natural texts about topics
> you are interested in (which has the nice side effect that you learn
> the senmongo of your areas of interest).
Schooled and self-taught.  I was in Tokyo for 2 months at
the end of last year taking a "Japanese taught in Japanese"
course in Yoyogi.  I found that knowing and trying to use
Kanji in the class actually caused problems.  I was the only
person in the class who wanted to use Kanji.

I found a series of graded readers that has been very
useful, but stopped just about everything else while
re-doing the RTK I.
> And what always help is doing it the hard way: writing the Kanji
> speaking the readings and the meaning over and over again - that has
> the nice side-effect of improving your writing abilities
That's what I do for the vocabulary.
> Gambatte ^^
> Niels

Steve S.

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