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Re: [Lingo] learning the Kanji readings

On Feb 9, 2008 7:56 PM, steven smith <> wrote:

<snip good way to learn readings?>

On'yomi is best learned imho via learning vocabulary which are
including the Kanji which you want to learn the readings of (3 or 4
words per Kanji).
Kun'yomi is best learned by flash-card learning I guess and take some
combined verbs as well (like eh…入り込む).
In addition it is very helpful to just read Japanese. I don't know how
you learn Japanese (I mean self-taught, language school…) and at which
level you actually are and therefore you either read textbook-texts or
if you are more advanced you start reading natural texts about topics
you are interested in (which has the nice side effect that you learn
the senmongo of your areas of interest).
And what always help is doing it the hard way: writing the Kanji
speaking the readings and the meaning over and over again - that has
the nice side-effect of improving your writing abilities

Gambatte ^^


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