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Re: [Lingo] An idea

On 03/08/07, <> wrote:

> I don't have the capabilities to set up the Wiki page
> at this time.

Do you mean you do not have a web browser that can connect to
This is meant as a serious question, as I remember you saying awhile
back that the Navy firewall only allowed access to .org and .edu, or
some such.

>  However, does anyone know of a good
> .org site with an RSS2 feed tutorial? ^^;

Ah, there it is. :)

Only .org?

yields (again, this is not meant to teach you anything, I know that
you cannot hit

These first two hits should tell you everything you need. The
Wikipedia link has an RSS2 example that I based my template on. :)

> Which wiki codebase does the wiki use as it's back end?  :-)

MediaWiki, so you can hit:

> I might be able to type up a wikifile and email that to someone
> so that all they have to do is copy and paste. ^_^

That would be fine. Email it here, and someone will stick it in an
appropriate place in the wiki. :)

Are you on I am about to suggest something there for your
benefit. CCing you just in case.


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