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Re: [Lingo] An idea

On 01/08/07, <> wrote:

> So, overall there is a bit of resistance to said idea. ^^
> :P  It was worth asking about though. Hehehehe.

I've heard it said that if your ideas are any good, you have to ram
them down people's throats. ;)

My wife actually read your post, though about it, came up with a
compelling remix, and was all set to post it before the Hungry Cry of
my son rang through the house. ;)

Her idea is:

Instead of a "Word of the Day" feed, how about a "Expression of the
Week" one? It would work like this:

1. Someone breaks out a really cool expression in Japanese (e.g.
「しかたがない」) and posts a short literal translation, explanation of usage
and context, and attempts to match it with a good idiomatic expression
in English.
2. Someone else (Godwin) picks up that expression and tries to come up
with the French equivalent, complete with cultural notes, etc.
3. Dave Stibbe (is he on this list?) does the same for Norwegian.
4. My wife does the same for Bulgarian.
5. etc. etc. for other languages spoken on this list.
6. At the end of the week, an editor compiles the result and drops it
into an RSS feed, with a link to the full article in the TLUG wiki.

I for one think her idea has real merit, and really shows off what
Lingo is supposed to be about: sharing interesting ideas from
languages and cultures we've encountered.


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