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RE: [Lingo] One Last Thing ... (was CJK Setup)

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> Sent: Tuesday, July 17, 2007 4:38 PM
> To: Natural language discussion
> Subject: Re: [Lingo] One Last Thing ... (was CJK Setup)
> wrote:
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> > Looks good to me. ^_^
> > :)
> Thanks.  I'm going to steal your reply one last time.
> And now the one big question ... can anyone think of a reason 
> why I am 
> not receiving copies of my own posts in POP download from Gmail to 
> Thunderbird?  I've told TLUG's Mailman config page to send 
> copies of my 
> own posts and they are shown in my Gmail online account.  I 
> cannot find 
> a setting in Gmail or Thunderbird that blocks my own messages coming 
> back to me.  In Thunderbird I have been through Preferences 
> as well as 
> the Config Editor.  Ever get the feeling you're missing 
> something obvious?
> I know copies of my replies are in the Sent folder, but it is 
> easier to 
> follow a thread if I have my own comments right there in line.
> -- 
> CL

I know I didn't trim much if anything here, but it is all important. ^^;

This has come up before on the list.  The solution before
was in Gmail's settings.  It has a "feature" in which it
filter's out your messages for you from addresses that it
has decided are mailing lists. ^^;;  You have to manually
tell it not to be a putz and let you handle things yourself.

Again, I do not know where to tell it this, because I don't use
Gmail myself, I have just seen the issue on the list a number
of times.  :)  A search of the archive could probably cought it
up though. ^_^

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