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RE: [Lingo] Re: Archives should now handle ????English, ? ????????? / ??????? writes:

 > What tools are there to create new fonts, and map them to a UTF-8
 > code?

I've not used it, but there's a GUI tool called FontForge.  You can
also use MetaFont (from the TeX distribution) or Postscript to create
fonts character glyphs and group them into fonts, or even a simple
bitmap editor and put it into X11 BDF format, although these
alternatives are hard to put into *Type format.

 > What range of UTF-8 codes is designated for personal use?

There are two of them.  In the BMP, U+E000 to U+F8FF (6400 characters)
are allocated to private use.  Also, the two highest planes (U+Fxxxx
and U+10xxxx) are entirely allocated to private use, except that if I
read the standard correctly the last two code points of each plane are
reserved as "not a character", and this includes the private use
planes.  That would give an additional 131,068 private use characters.

The full standard is available online:


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