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Re: [Lingo] spaces in japanese writing

On 30/06/07, <> wrote:

I have observed spaces used after any comma use, and occaisonaly where
there was no comma,

I doubt it. Compare:

「でも、 これはちょっと可笑しいと思うよ」

The Japanese 「、」 character (Unicode U+3001 IDEOGRAPHIC COMMA[1]) has
spacing built into the glyph in every Japanese font I've ever seen.
Adding a literal space (Unicode U+0020 SPACE[2]) is not done in my

but it would have made sense to have a comma in an English or German

The comma usage rule in Japanese is wonderful:

"Stick a comma anywhere you would pause if you were reading the sentence."


I have seen at times scentences broken up by clause as well.
Kind of like "theboyran towardstheschool becausehewaslate."

With spaces? Maybe in textbooks, but never in authentic texts.

Don't assume I know what I am talking about. ^_^




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