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RE: [Lingo] spaces in japanese writing

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> Sent: Saturday, June 30, 2007 8:17 AM
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> Subject: [Lingo] spaces in japanese writing
> The woman I've been working with on my Japanese said
> something the other day that surprised me.  She said there 
> should be spaces between some of the words, but she couldn't 
> tell me if there was a rule or a convention for this -- only 
> that some of the words should have spaces between. 
>  I received a note from a friend (email) and 
> out of about200 characters there were 3 spaces.
> So -- is there a rule/convention for this??  When should you 
> use spaces when writing Japanese?

I am just guessing on this one, but it could be that some concepts just
need the separation.
I have observed spaces used after any comma use, and occaisonaly where
there was no comma,
but it would have made sense to have a comma in an English or German

I have seen at times scentences broken up by clause as well.  
Kind of like "theboyran towardstheschool becausehewaslate."

These are just observations.  My own personal level of Japanese speech
is still very minimal.
Don't assume I know what I am talking about. ^_^

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