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RE: [Lingo] you have got to be kidding writes:

 > > as the rough equivalent of the english
 > > "You got to be kidding/You're kidding, right?"
 > > 
 > They use that one a lot in the anime's as well. :P
 > I thought it meant like "Seriously?"
 > "Seriously" can be an equivelent expression though to "You're kidding, right?".

In my dialect, "you (have) got to be kidding" has very strong
overtones of "I already know better, don't even try to tell me that."
For "that's unbelievable", "seriously?" or "you're kidding, right?" or
(with overtones of "there ain't no justice") even "no shit?" typically
spoken with falling intonation (despite the hatena maaku).

Intonation is really important here, as somebody already pointed out.

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