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tlug: S.u.S.E 6,2 and mule

I recently installed SuSE 6.2 and since I spend
some of my time trying to understand Japanese
character coding and input methods I spent almost
a day surfing the web to looking for Japanese
extensions. (You can probably not imagine how
difficult it is to browse PJE pages when you do
not speak, or read, Japanese). I also read Craig
Oda's Linux-Nihongo and Ken Lundes CJK.INF.

It took me the better part of a weekend to
download and look at stuff when all of a sudden
I noticed that my emacs already had mule installed
and that after the emacs command 
"setup-japanese-environment" I could do the
"Romaji -> Hiragana -> Kanji&Kana" - stuff.
I felt very foolish but happy since it was the
result I was after, not really the joy of finding
out (which I happily leave to greater minds than
mine ;->).

It sure looks like them SuSE guys spent quite some
time on the i18n parts of emacs and Linux. There 
are languages supported that I have never heard 

The problem I have is that I have no idea how
good this Japanese support really is.

Emacs presents the input method as "Quail input
method (name:japanese ..." and there are some
package called SKK. The SKK package looks good
to me, but then I have no way to know.

Does anybody know if these tools supplied by
SuSE is good enough for a technical 
writer/translator? (low volume).

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