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Re: tlug: Aptiva 520 - 486 DX

At 16:42 99/11/22 +0900, you wrote:
>>>>>> "jb" == Jonathan Q <> writes:
>    jb> On Sun, 21 Nov 1999, Tony Laszlo wrote:
>    >> ISSHO (Tokyo-based non-profit) is about to receive a badly
>    >> needed donation of a computer.  It is an IBM Aptiva 520 with a
>    >> 486 DX CPU (100Mhz), 540M hard disk and 32M of ram - I hear it
>    >> really
>Cool!  I second everything Jonathan said, except that I really
>wouldn't trust that an arbitrary drive will plug directly into the
>machine.  If it's an all-in-one box, like notebooks they often have
>special harnesses or interfaces; you may need special tools to get at
>the components safely.  No worry about voiding warranty, of course,
>but you may have to worry about voiding the circuitry itself.
>It should be OK, but it would be worth checking first.  If it's a
>tower case with separate monitor, you should have no trouble.

And there is no problem with the size of the hard disk? I have an Aptiva an
just bought a small 4 GB hard disk out of fear of Bios problems ... but
this seems to be related to which kind of Aptiva ...


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