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Re: tlug: RedHat 6.1 on Asus P5SB (SiS w/on-board video)

YMMV, of course, but my only experience with an SiS-based video (a card,
though, not on the motherboard) was bad.  While it seemed to detect
the card OK, X never actually worked with the card.  Unfortunately I don't
remember what model of SiS card it was, but the distro was Mandrake
6.whatever, a Red Hat 6 clone.

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Grendel ( wrote:

> Hello,
> 	Has anyone on the list installed RedHat (or any other distro for that
> matter) with the following SiS-chipset based motherboard from Asus with
> on board video?
> 	RedHat's hardware support page seems to put SiS in the same category as
> the RivaTNT2 Ultra which gave me a teriffic headache until I found a
> special version of XFree86 for Riva cards in RPM form. I admit that I
> wouldn't have been able to handle it otherwise.
> Looking before leaping,
> Grendel
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> Next Technical Meeting: TBA, January, 2000.  Place: Temple Univ.

Next Technical Meeting: TBA, January, 2000.  Place: Temple Univ.

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