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Re: tlug: REdHat shenanigans w/Netscape

On Sun, 14 Nov 1999, Jonathan Q wrote:

> On Sun, 14 Nov 1999, Dennis McMurchy wrote:
> > Has anyone else, for example, noticed that the ~/.netscape/preferences.js
> > file will get overwritten and Netscape will start up as though for the
> > first time, having forgotten all of your settings.  Fortunately, I'm
> I ran Red Hat 6 for a few months before TL 4.0 came out, and that never
> happened to me.  Any idea what triggered it?

I had it happen to me once under my bastardized TL 3.x but it had nothing
to do with any RPM package, since I've been compiling everything by hand
on this box since May... so I don't think RPM is at fault (but it might be
something that RPM does that is also done by 'make install'...?)

HOWEVER, it happened to me at a time when I wasn't even upgrading netscape
- the mail reader died, as it is prone to do, and I had to sig9 netscape.
Which is usually OK.  But not this time.  Lost all my settings, bookmarks,
etc.. not sure why to this day.  This was with netcape v4.6 btw.

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