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Re: tlug: RedHat Session Mangler

On Sun, Nov 14, 1999 at 03:36:35PM +0900, Dennis McMurchy wrote:
>   I used to play a little tune when X started up, by including
> the line
>  cat /home/denis/03.wav > /dev/dsp &
> in my .xinitrc file in the good ol' days of Slackware and fvwm.  When I
> specify the same line as one  of the programs I want Session Manager to
> run on startup, it fails to play the .wav file, but will scribble
> forever on the (non-X) virtual terminal that I started X from.  

Are you using EsounD, the (Un)Enlightened Sound Daemon?  Since it may be
starting up about the same time as the rest of the session, I suppose you
might be running afoul of it.  You might try using 'esdcat' instead of 'cat'.
(And be warned that the types of sound files that esdcat knows how to deal
with are quite limited, so you may need to use sox to convert your file
beforehand... or use sox to pipe its output to esdcat.)

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